Sunday 9 June 2013


  1. I am having the same kind of day that you are Plum! My Mum decided that mud didn't suite my fur and gave me a bath. I am a CAT, I don't do baths!! I am disappointed that my Mum doesn't know better and now that I have been acquainted with full body submersion in the vile liquid ( water..UUUGGGHHH) I am disappointed in you for telling us all about how great swimming in it is. It's going to be a long week; I can just feel it.


    P.S. The cat at the fete WAS in charge of everything.

  2. I've just been for another swim. I'm sure you'd like it if you tried harder. Just throw yourself into it, like I do. Water is heavenly. Oh, but i forgot... you're a CAT! Ha ha ha! (Cats are never in charge.) Love Plum x

  3. Dear Plum,

    I must say that Emma is wearing a lovely outfit in these pictures. I wish my human was so elegant. Very often she looks a mess and I am embarrassed to be seen out with her.

    love Biff xxx

    1. Dear Biff. I have seen a picture of your owner and I think she looks a lot better than Emma. Especially, she has nice hair and not so many wrinkles.
      Love Plum xx