Sunday 23 June 2013


  1. Why would you want to catch something that someone tried to throw away? If my staff throws something I tell them to pick it up themselves and to stop being so careless. I just don't understand you dogs!

    Having said that; I have to admit you were a picture of grace and beauty. Your stretch was almost as good as a cats. I am starting to see hope for you after all, even if you do still like water.


  2. I meant GRACIE. Typing would be so much easier if I had opposable thumbs, but I guess I can't be a beautiful cat and have thumbs, it wouldn't be fair.

    1. Dear Gracie, I'm sure you are very beautiful and intelligent but you are missing the point about dogs. However, I am developing a sort of relationship with you so I will respect your opinions and maybe my new attitude will extend towards others in your catty world. Love Plum.
      Ha ha.

  3. Dear Plum,
    Good grief! I could never do that even when I was your age. However, I did once disappear rabbiting for three and a half hours, drive my owner to despair, then eventually roll up at the house in somebody else's Landrover. Happy memories while I snooze away retirement in my armchair. (Watch how you land, you young hothead.) love, Katie