Thursday 6 June 2013


  1. Dear Plum, thank you for the flowers. I'm so glad to have found your posts, in fact I'd send you flowers if I could but I think you'd probably rather have doggie treats.

  2. Thank you dear Plum

    CONGRATULATIONS on your first illustrated birthday, may you have many more as we love seeing your adventures and think you are very clever and smart and funny and brave and you always do your own thing, with Style.

    Love from your friends in Sussex

  3. Congratulations Plummee – a whole year of you!

    We should send you and Emma flowers to thank YOU for keeping us all entertained with your funny stories.

    Your blog posts brighten up many a day and we really look forward to them. So here's to you and your doings and to Emma's drawings and to your smart, sassy words.

    So keep them coming 'sister' (as I believe you say in trendy west London)

    with love Mimi Pompom & Biff xxx

  4. Oh, a whole year of Plumdog! We are catching up on your news from the 6 months before we were fortunate enough to find you! Wishing you a very happy anniversary and thank you for the virtual licks and lovely flowers x

  5. And look at what you've achieved Plum!
    I think we should have a jubilee to celebrate your special year. Instead of having boats in the river we should all SWIM in the river. Wouldn't that be lovely!
    Love Dana x

  6. And what a year it has been!

    I love reading about your adventures and seeing your gorgeous little face!

    I think our Bonz (whippet x bedlington) would rather like you ;-)

  7. Absolutely adore! I'm SO glad he's back. LOVE LOVE him. You're brilliant. :) xx

  8. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Plum, Happy birthday to you. Aaaah! Innit bootiful? (That's my catchphrase.) love, Katie.

  9. Happy first anniversary to your blog, Plum and Emma. Your lovely diary always makes my day! xx

  10. Emma, Sorry I have been away and missed the wonderful occasion of your anniversary! I want you to know how much I adore Plum and the beautiful blog you have created. Thank you for making my day. Many happy years ahead!

    1. Thank you to everybody for your lovely comments. I am very very very glad you like reading my diary because I love doing it, even though Emma complains and I have to nag her sometimes. Please keep reading and I will keep trying to think of things to do that might be interesting.
      Love from Plum xxx