Thursday 27 August 2015

Rain and Raincoats


  1. Hi Plum,

    You're so brave! I hate the rain, and water! I've only been going out for walks for a couple of weeks, but when it rains I really hate it. So I sit down, so that my Mum understands and I don't like rain and will let me go back inside. But she just stands there. So I lie down and give her my very best 'puppy dog' look (my dog mum taught it to me and I'm very good!). But my Mum still stands there, and waits for me to get so bored and so cold that I have no choice but to move!

    But it sounds like you love walking, and water! Will I grow in to it?!

    I have been reading some of your other blogs and I think I have a lot to learn from you. My mum has already started this battle of the wills thing that you talked about. When it's raining, or when I am just sitting observing the world from the middle of the path, and my Mum gets bored of waiting, she lets me off the lead and walks away. That's scary so I follow her and stick by her heel, and she tells me I'm the cleverest puppy in the world... Until I see someone I really want to say hi to and I run after them, even if they're quite far away. Then my Mum tells me I shouldn't do that and that not everyone wants to say hello to me. How is that even possible?! I'm just being polite and friendly! But then I get no treats and I protest by refusing to walk again.

    My Aunty Fudge (she read your blog too) says that training and my puppy school classes are a waste of time and I shouldn't pay attention because it's more fun to do your own thing. But I get sooooooo many tasty treats when I do something good! Is it not worth it?!

    I still have a lot to learn from you, and my Aunty Fudge.

    I look forward to reading your next lesson!

    Licks and yaps,


    1. Dear Archie,
      Sorry I've taken so long to answer. You have my sympathies. I remember how awful it was having to learn what to do and what not to do. All anyone ever said was NO. But I did have a very nice trainer, in fact. I absolutely loved her better than anyone and if she'd told me to stand in a corner without moving for a whole day - I would have done it. Of course she never did that. Emma says that before I went to stay with her I was bonkers, but when I came back I was a proper young lady. So, you see, my behavioural skills have nothing to do with Emma at all. That's why she is still learning how to do it.
      Treats are always worth it. My favourite are chicken nuggets. And dried up fish.
      Keep the faith.
      Love from Plum xx

  2. Dear Plum,
    First things first. As you can see James has finally bought himself
    a digital camera, so you can now admire my profile picture. It was a bit naughty of him to take it while I was snoozing because you can't see my wide, luminous eyes, but as I snooze most of the time I take the point. Anyway you and I have known each other so long I thought you would like to put a face to the name. (Note the air of quiet dominance, and the long, silky nose.)
    How clever Emma is. That look of feigned shock is as ingenious as her ever wonderful pictures. love, Katie x
    PS. Not a peep out of Claudia. Perhaps they lost the matches. Hooray!

  3. Dear Soggy Plum,

    I can't decide if Emma was being naughty or nice by pushing you in the water.
    I will err on the side of caution and assume she was trying to be nice, since it was you. If that happened to a cat it would not have ended well, I can assure you!!

    I hope you are finally getting some warm weather and sunshine to toast your furs and dry off nicely, it has been glorious here!

    My Mummy has been going up to the cottage with Auntie Kathy and her large, lumbering, dogs; Floyd is a German Shorthair Pointer, and Kelsey is a large dog of dubious parentage. My Mummy thinks Kelsey is lovely, but she calls Floyd Sir Farts Alot.

    Meaghan and I have been left home alone, to snooze in peace. I think that is lovely!!
    We do have staff come in daily to attend to our needs and leave treats, but we ignore him, and he goes away soon enough. Our butlers name is Yves; he sounds very posh, but we still don't care, he's not our Mum.

    Love, Gracie

    1. Oooh! Yves! How extremely lovely. I'm glad to hear you are being kept in the style you are accustomed to. Maybe your mom will come back with a DOG! What would you say about that, Gracie?
      The weather here is nippy but sunny. My hair is getting woolly again which is a good thing. I'm back in London keeping an eye on the foxes. They don't live in the country anymore…
      lots of love
      plum xx

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    1. Hello Plum. It's just me again. I don't usually believe in hogging the page with more than one comment, but can we just say we are very confused? Do you know this person, or is a computer programme somewhere scanning your posts and getting the wrong end of the stick? If the former, we apologise to Miss Rusell. If the latter, hilarious. Anyway the link takes you straight to Burberry so get shopping immediately!
      Katie x

  5. Kilo the Pug thinks Peg looks good too and hates wearing his raincoat. However he would hate "falling" into the water too, plus he would sink like a stone. Have a great Sunday

    1. Hi Kilo
      Thank you for your nice message
      Love fromPLum xx

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