Friday 7 August 2015

Feminine Wiles


  1. Dear Femme Fatale Plum,
    Well played, although you need to be careful not to push it too far. There used to be a dog near us called Leo, for whom I was a subject of romantic infatuation. I would push my tail through his gate and let him have a good sniff. One day I held my tail just out of reach, and pretended not to know he was there. His torment was heartrending to see (out of the corner of my eye). When he had suffered enough I span obligingly round, only to find he had given up and gone in. My look of disappointed indignation had James in stitches. Men, eh?
    love, Agony Aunt Katie x

  2. Dear Plum,

    It is only natural that Kilburn would succumb to your charms; however I must caution you to guard your heart against his rather obvious affections.

    Remember how broken hearted you were when Boris rolled you over, and then never even called after. ( The cad!!)

    I'm not condoning the "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" adage necessarily, but if Kilburn is really head over paws for you then he needs to work for your attention.
    If he brings you his chicken doughnuts then you will know his love is real.

    From what I can gather of the dog romances, you all seem to give " a piece of tail" to any passing dog who asks. This does seem very generous, but if you give it all away you soon won't have a tail left to wag for yourself.

    I wonder if that's what happens to Dobermans, and Bulldogs; they all seem to be lacking in the tail department. I will have to think about this as I have my 3rd morning nap.

    I hope this budding romance works out for you, and I look forward to hearing more about it soon.

    Love, Gracie

    1. Excuse me, Gracie, but I have to take exception to 'you seem to give a piece of tail to any passing dog who asks'… I mean… What are you saying?? It sounds a bit catty actually, but I will forgive you because you are my only cat friend.
      Thank you very much for your lovely message. I have to run now as I'm looking after my grandma.

      Lots of love
      Plum xx