Sunday 15 February 2015

Now, Lost For Words


  1. Oh dear Plum you really are too fabulous to be subjected to such treatment. I know you hate cats but were we to ever meet I can assure you that bottom-sniffing would not be on the agenda although I might try and herd you into a corner as I mistakenly think I am part canine.

    1. Dear Moses. I like canine cats, as long as it doesn't mean they are not a little bit scared of dogs. I wonder what you would do with me in the corner. I think it sounds slightly frightening. Would you mind if I was a bit more in charge of the situation?
      Love from Plum

  2. Dear Plum,
    I agree with Moses, bottom sniffing is just not acceptable! I think Emma needs to take you to a different park, these mutts are just so déclassé, and now that you are accepted by not one but TWO fabulous felines you are moving up in the world. You should be playing with the well bred, elite, pups of Britain; I wonder what Lillibet's corgis are up to these days, you could always have Emma ring up Windsor castle for a play date. You are a famous author after all, they should be pleased to see you.
    Let me know if you need a referral.

    Queen Gracie

    1. Dear Your Majesty,
      I've never met a corgi. I get on with some breeds better than others and I especially don't get on with the ones I mentioned earlier, at least not those particular ones. If you can get me an invitation to meet your relations, I'd be delighted. I will brush up on my etiquette.
      I need to learn how to walk backwards out of a room while bowing - or curtseying. Shouldn't be that hard.
      Love from