Monday 9 February 2015

Expressive Powers


  1. I had to brace myself when I saw you in the back seat of the car; in my world a car ride can only mean a trip to the vet! You and your Daddy looked very cozy snoozing in the back seat though.

    My Majesty, Gracie

    1. Dear Your Majesty,
      Sorry about the late reply. We did go to the vet too because I had a cold. He was very nice but I didn't tell him I liked him. I think it's better not to get too friendly. His name is Boris but I don't usually see him. Usually I see Simon and I do like him too, but he doesn't know that either.
      Love from

  2. Dear Plum,
    That's the Suffolk life for you. I am perpetually braced for the wide open spaces, the rugged bridleways, and the fact that James has yet again forgotten to buy my favourite chews. (No shops round here.) It's worth it, though.
    Valentine's Day greetings from a friend. I love boys. It's just a shame you're not one. (Not that I'm criticizing.) love, Katie x

    1. Dear Katie,

      I hope you had a happy Valentine's day. I was given a really nice cup cake for dogs by our garden centre lady. She is really nice and it was really nice too.
      Love Plum