Friday 14 November 2014



  1. Dear Plum
    I truly sympathise :-(

  2. Dear Plum,
    While I agree that being rained upon is a grave insult to ones fur, I don't understand why YOU are being so arbitrary. You profess to Love Water; what is the difference between it landing on you, and you jumping and landing on it? As a cat I just don't get the distinction. I hope you can shed some light on this confusing subject.

    Love, Gracie

  3. Dear Gracie,
    I'm surprised that you would ask that! As you know, there is a great deal of difference to things that you choose to happen and things that you don't. I don't like being rained on because I don't really like the top of my head getting wet that way - it's the drizzliness of it. It makes me look as if I'm thinning on top and it drips into my eyes. It is quite different to diving in wholeheartedly.
    Love Plum
    PS I think it's ok to sometimes not see eye to eye, isn't it?