Friday 21 November 2014

Bonding Exercise


  1. Dear Plum,
    It's like that when I go to Bury. Fascinating smells everywhere! The only smells where we live are pheasants, who I don't know by name.
    Congratulations on your great review in 'The Oldie'. Valerie Grove is clearly a woman who knows what's what, and I hope we all act on her advice to 'buy lots of copies for dog-loving friends'. (James is not an oldie, but I am and even prouder of it now.)
    love, Katie x

    1. Thank you dear Katie. I am always so impressed by your knowledge and now especially, literary knowledge. I agree about Valerie Grove. I think she is marvellous and Emma loves her books too.
      I am going to Suffolk again soon to smell the sea. Hurrah!
      Love Plum x

  2. Dear Plum,
    Thank you for explaining the rain vs. lake water situation for me. I can completely understand not wanting to have a bad fur day, and nobody likes to look straggly in public.
    I hope Clara is being nicer to you now; she must certainly appreciate the time you took to show her all of the "highlights" in your neighbourhood. We cats usually bury that sort of thing, but to each their own I guess.

    Love, Gracie

    1. Dear Gracie
      I love your feline take on things. You are obviously someone who observes and understands the niceties of life but at the same time probably relishes the thought of shredding small rodents. You are my kind of animal.
      Love from
      Plum x