Tuesday 21 June 2016

Weathering It


  1. Huge swimming pools that arrive overnight = one of life's small pleasures to compensate for the terror of a thunderstorm.
    Have fun, Plum!
    Love, Ellie and Giorgi

  2. Gosh! You are quick… I was just writing to you. You have fun too, Elli and Giorgi.
    Lots of love Plum xx

  3. Dear Plum,
    Yes, the homely crackle of rain on a shed roof is somewhat spoiled by cataclysmic trembling of the walls. Those cushions wouldn't offer Rocket a lot of protection - didn't you allow him under your chair?
    No, no puppy (or probably mature rescue dog)yet. It will happen when the withdrawal symptoms are bad enough, which they nearly are now. James x

    1. Dear James,
      I wonder if you could do something about the weather, if you aren't going to do anything about getting a dog. I am quite bored of it now, especially since I had a haircut and it's freezing.
      Love Plum x

  4. I think it's very sweet of you to pretend to be scared of thunder when we all know that it's really Emma.

    Don't tell her I told you...

  5. You are so clever the way you see the real truth, no matter how I try to disguise it. Emma was a wreck all through the storm and we had to calm her down all evening. I've never seen such a display of complete cowardice. Love Plum x