Sunday 25 January 2015

Cooking Skills


  1. I hope Emma obeyed the 5 second rule and scooped it up fast! My Auntie Kathy says that if you are going to eat at her house you had better be aware that cat hair is considered a condiment; my Mum said that was gross but she secretly agreed with her. I suppose some of your fur would have added a certain je ne sais quoi to Emma's dinner as well, I hope she enjoyed it; some humans are a little funny about things like that.
    I also hope you get some snow to play in soon, all we have here is cold, Cold, COLD!!!
    Meaghan and I are campaigning for a heated litter box.

    Love, Gracie

    1. We woosells don't moult very much, people say, because of the poodle part of us, but I've noticed Emma picking black hairs out of her supper and sometimes they get in her paintbrush which makes her scream with fury. She has so little appreciation for the little joys I bring.
      I am still waiting for the snow. We've only had smatterings.
      Lots of love Plum

  2. Dear Plum,
    I only hope Emma's stomach is as strong as our's.
    By the way - and this is a tip off to any other interested readers - we much enjoyed your debut film on You Tube, which we only found the other day. You give a compelling performance as a dog sitting on a cushion wriggling and groaning with boredom while her brilliant artist owner discusses her work. Of course, Emma's cameo as the artist was pretty good too. Now you've given her a start in the business perhaps it could be the start of something. (James says I've got this this wrong way round, but that's the species gap for you.)
    love, Katie x

    1. I am sorry that you noticed how bored I was. I didn't know being filmed took such a long time. The bits of me catching and leaping were cut out so I'm afraid it did become the most boring film ever. Not even a car chase.
      Love from Plum