Monday 27 October 2014

Last Minute Preparations


  1. Dear Plummy,
    I have never had a friend that rolled in fox poo, and it doesn't look like your admirers are admiring your new fragrance.
    My Mums friend has a Newfoundlander dog that likes to roll on dead squirrels once they get nice and ripe in the summertime. Do you know if the fragrances are similar? My Mum thinks that neither one would be too satisfactory.
    Personally I like the smell of chicken roasting, but I don't wear it, just eat it.

    My Majesty, Gracie

    1. Dear Your Majesty,
      How interesting about your large friend. My friend, Esther, likes things like that. We are in the middle of combining our tastes in fragrances and hoping to launch our own perfume someday. We can't decide on a name however. I want to call it Foxy Lady and Esther wants to call it Corpse. I think mine is more commercial. What do you think, Your Majestic Wonderfulness?
      Love from the lowly Plum.

    2. Dear Plumessence,

      Sounds enticing; how about naming your "perfume" Foxy Corpse? I think it sounds both sexy and edgy, and the punters seem to like that sort of thing.
      P.S. Don't put your self down; you are not lowly, just stinky. Maybe you could learn to be self cleaning like the wonderfulness that is I.

      (And Meaghan, who does get baths because she is too "fluffy" to reach all the necessary bits) (HA HA)

  2. Dear Plum,
    Oh I'm even more sorry to have missed it now. Yourself, the sweet aromas, lots of people (I love people and never scream at people) - paradise!
    I recommend including this episode in your children's books. Children love this kind of thing, and I speak from experience. I won't tell you what I once did at a puppy, suffice it to say that it was disgusting and it made James's nephews shriek with delight. (That's aroused your curiosity, hasn't it?)
    love, Katie x

  3. Dear Katie,
    As you know, I am always interested in disgusting things, but you'd better not write it here. The dog poo police might be watching. Do you have them where you are? They watch us al the time and make sure we put the poos in the bag. That's London Life for you.
    Love Plum

  4. Hi, I just want to say how absolutely in LOVE with Plum I am. She reminds me of my mother's dog but much sweeter. I work in Waterstones in Cork, in Ireland and I always make sure your book is prominently placed as it deserves to sell millions! If ever you were to come to Ireland I have a labrador called Penny who is very friendly and loves a good smell.