Sunday, 1 June 2014

Creative Thinking


  1. Yep, you're an original!
    My mummy said that I have to decline your offer of the fine European fox poo; it turns out that she would not love it after all. I prefer things that are catnip scented anyway. Thank you for your kind offer though; I know it came from a good but stinky place in your heart.

    Love Gracie

    1. I don't know how you know about the stinky place in my heart. I thought I had kept it well hidden. But since you know now, I'll have to tell you that I have recently been guilty of being a cat chaser, I'm afraid. There is a new cat in our street. He is black and slinky with a white tip to his tail. Quite handsome, I'll admit - but when I rushed at him - he rushed back at ME! I have never been more embarrassed. Might he be one of your relations?

    2. I certainly hope so, he sounds like my sort of fellow! My immediate relations are all Tawny Ocicats, but as he is black he may be the black sheep of the family. I will have to look into it for you, the next time you see him tell him you are my friend and to leave you alone. Best not to rush at him and bark before you talk to him; it sets a bad tone for the conversation.

      Love, Gracie

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  2. Strange to think you do better for water in London than we do in the country. Here, it is wheat wheat everywhere but not a drop to eat. Actually I do eat it when it's just sprouting, especially when I feel sick. Wheatgrass, it's called.You'd pay a fortune for a shot of that in a fancy London juice bar, but here it's all you can eat for free. So there! love, Katie

  3. Actually, we have wheatgrass here too, in our park. It's my special grass that I have to have and there are only a few little bits of it but I know where they are and so does Emma. People don't realise how clever we are at that sort of thing. It really works. I've tried to get Emma to eat it but she doesn't listen.
    Love Plum