Friday 15 November 2013

What Can I Possibly Say?


  1. Beautiful - almost as if I was there too!

  2. Oh Plum, how lovely!
    I hope you jumped right in and got rid of the revolting shampoo smell ? Thats what I generally do, then I have a llooooong hard roll in grass to cover any remaining odours. If theres something nice smelling in the grass, so much the better !

  3. Dear Plum,
    What indeed. A stunning picture.
    I'm sorry to lower the tone, but about this tofu business. It's nothing like toffee, but a delicious and nutritious mashed up beany substance, easier to chew than meat and a lot nicer to animals like James. I'm a life-long fan. Available at Waitrose, so do give it a go. If there's any left you could even put it on Emma's dinner.
    love, Katie

    1. I would eat toffee frankfurters! I don't like cow frankfurters either. (Bleecchhh)