Wednesday 23 October 2013

Delicious Smells


  1. Dear Plum,
    I just love the smell of autumn! When I go out I smell trees and birds and rabbits, unfortunately I live on the third floor of our building and the rabbits taunt me from the gardens. It's o.k. though because I just sit in my chair and pretend that I don't notice them, but I would really like to go chase them all away.
    It's Cindy's birthday today and she didn't share any of her birthday breakfast with me or Meaghan, and she is going out for dinner tonight so I don't expect we will see any treats from that either. I didn't throw up though.

    Love Gracie (and Meaghan, I guess)

  2. SDear Plum,
    Good it see you having fun, but I can tell what's on your mind here. You're thinking: 'If I carry on frolcicking around in this enchanting manner she'll forget about getting me to pose with the new book.' Let me tell you a story. Because she forgot to get you to pose with the last book, James didn't know it was out. He's ordered it now, but more sales means more money which means more chance of luxury chewy treats for pets. So say cheese in a good cause.
    love, Katie
    PS. Don't blow away.