Sunday 29 September 2013

Football...Who Cares?


  1. Dear Plum,
    Sorry I rather took over the blog the other day, but when criticized I do believe in defending oneself forcefully. However I agree cats are hugely admirable when they can read.
    What a lot of Welshmen! (And women.) Life never ceases to surprise, does it? On Saturday I came across a tractor roaring up and down the fields spraying out a huge cloud of dung. Paradise! (But not for James who now needs some more shampoo.) love, Katie

  2. Dear Plum, Katie, and James,

    I am sorry that I had to be so blunt with you the other day, but now that you all realize how fabulous we cats are you are all forgiven. I'm feeling quite magnanimous today.

    I'm with you Plum that Football is a bore and Ping Pong is far better. One could get hurt on the field but it is much easier to hop up onto the Ping Pong table to grab the ball and take off. My favourite sport is power napping in the sunshine and after years of practice I am thinking of going pro with my skills.

    It must be so much fun to go walking and exploring with Fia and Liffey, all the sights and smells and people to adore you! I hope you got treats from your Grandpa and Maudie. Being adored by ones public really is strenuous work and requires plenty of treats and catnip mice (or ginger pigs for pups) to recuperate.

    I can't wait to hear what you have been up to next; in the mean time I'm off to hone my napping skills.

    P.S. My sister Maeghan listens to your blog now as well. She's more of a listening cat than a reading cat and is far nicer and better behaved than I am. (If you believe my Mum)

    Love Gracie and Maeghan