Thursday 8 August 2013

Message From Plum


  1. Boy says "Andrea had planned to go away for a few days on Wednesday. But Tuesday evening she found a flea on me, went bananas, BATHED ME (!) and said she had better not go as she didnt want to risk leaving me with Fran and my "cousins" the big whippets. I HATED the bath, but I am glad she hasnt gone anywhere. I think I will keep one flea handy for future use."

  2. Dear Plum,
    Thanks for the information on your family background. You are exotic. I was born in a shed in Rede, a small village a few miles outside Bury. Nothing very exotic about that, but I was fairly expensive. Anyway I can hardly keep up with you and Emma, now here, now there. You look just as confused in your picture, but I'm glad to hear she will be back SOON. (Let's hope she comes through on those capital letters.)
    love, Katie

  3. Naughty Emma! You need to confiscate her shoes to show that you are disappointed in her behaviour.

    Love Biff xxxxx