Monday, 13 March 2017

Tootling On


  1. Dear Plum,

    A good walk and a good sleep - who could ask for more. I am a bit jealous...


  2. Dear Plum. I'm so sorry I didn't comment on you last blog, Margaret has been so busy gardening and seeing the granddaughters I also have had to amuse myself. I can only fling my toys around for a limited time. I need an audience. I'm glad you're in Suffolk but sorry to tell you Bella and Pippa have moved to Lincolnshire so I won't be visiting the café or the beach there. Emma will have to come up north to Yorkshire. I wonder if I have a Hull accent? We're city of culture you know. Much love Alf x

  3. Ohh, Plum you and Emma are not old! Maybe a little bit spring tired. But my mum and I love to walk at the beach and to sleep also very much.

    Hope to read you soon!

    Kisses, Pixel

  4. Dear Plum,
    I am so pleased you saw the sense in my words of wisdom, James had good intentions I am sure but as a non-cat he just got it a little wrong. One day James will get a smart cat like me and he will see the error of his ways!

    I hope you have lot's of fun in Suffolk, but do not regret growing older, it's a privilege denied to many.
    Also it is a perfect excuse for an afternoon nap and a cuddle!
    You and Emma are probably just a little worn out from the stress of having to meet Emma's deadline for her book, some sea air and a good swim will set the world to rights soon enough.

    Gracie and the Gruesome Twosome

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  6. Good for you (both)! Little known fact: Sharing a bed with a four-footed companion accelerates the healing process by a factor of three. You poor things. You need to remind Emma that she shouldn't be working so hard. Throw her more sticks!

  7. The motion is that Plum be elected Honorary President-For-Life of Plumaholics Anonymous. Passed unanimously.
    Don't feel old, you two. Every one of your pictures makes me feel new and happy as can be.
    James x

  8. A good rest is the bestest thing! Poor Emma worked so long and hard on her project. We are very glad you two had a nice walk and a nice rest. Wonderful to have you back.
    Much love, Vicki, Tulip (I am almost 3 years old Westie girl )and Tucker (6 months old baby brother Westie) xoxoxo

  9. So cute! My little dog looks a lot like her and that´s why i bought the book and loved it so much.
    Kisses and God Bless you

  10. Dear Plum, I must apologise. I recently reviewed your most recent book, and I referred to you as "he". I'm very sorry. Louise

  11. Oh Plum we are missing you. How do I successfully bribe Guy to do his homework when there are no new blogs? I suppose it is credit towards Emma's new book.
    Hope you are both well - Guy is flopped on the sofa and would welcome a lap dog to sit with him. Xx

  12. Dear Plum,

    We just want to let you know that we miss you too - but hope that all is going well with the new book.

    Love from,
    Ellie and Giorgi

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