Friday, 3 April 2015

The Only Answer


  1. Hello Plum
    I love dental chews too and throwing cushions on the floor (great work you do with cushions ) my name is Bertie (Bertie bossy boots ) I'm a black min poo and my Mummy just loves your blog .
    licks Bertie

  2. Dear Plum,

    Delighted to see you've trained Emma to lie on the floor. Some real progress there!

    Love Biff X

    1. Dear Biff,
      Can't you make Karen lie on the floor? My best achievement is making Emma let me lie on the bed however. I prefer it to the floor. In fact, ideally, I would like Emma to lie on the floor while I lie on the bed.
      Love from your friend,
      Plum xx

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