Saturday 18 April 2015

Reality Bites


  1. Plum, You are such a joy to see. Be thankful Emma lets you have so much fun swimming along. You always make my day! xoxoxo Vicki, Bailey, & Tulip

    1. Dear Vicki, Bailey and Tulip,
      How lovely to hear from you.
      You make my day too!
      Love from Plum xxx

  2. Dear Plum,
    I've never worn a flexilead as in the country everything is flexible. Run here, run there, lie down and nobody cares less. I imagine it must be easy to forget you're wearing one though. James says it's easy to remember other dogs are wearing one when they cannon into you and twine themselves round your legs like a maypole. I trust Emma has a better technique?
    Nobody wants James's book about me! They like it, but 'it's not quite what we're looking for'. I don't have a tufty coat and world class diving skills, that's the problem. We are begining to feel quite unwanted, but then we remember Emma's kind words about it and feel better. love, Katie x

    1. Dear Katie,
      I don't usually wear a flexilead - in fact I never do, except when we go to the river and the reason I have to wear one there - apart from the danger of sailing off with the current - is that Emma thinks she won't be able to persuade me to leave the water without it. She may be right, I suppose.
      I bet somebody will want James's book one day. maybe it needs to be in a different format?
      Love from Plum x