Monday, 17 July 2017

Her We Are...


  1. Hi Plum, happy to hear from you. Hope you and Emma are having a lovely time up North!

  2. I understand why you do it Plum and I also stand in my bit of Scottish sea, but it's ok, I'm not going to tell anyone..... However, I am going to demand investigation of this Musher stuff. I had a Very Serious operation on my paw in the spring and first they wouldn't let me go in the sea at all, then I had to wear a plastic bag (the indignity!) and finally I had to wear shoes and baby socks!! I could feel the vibrations from the crabs laughing at me underwater...
    I've missed you so much Plum - you're the only one who understands my angst. Black and white is fine, just don't let her start slacking again. Many wags and snorts, Fudge xxx

  3. Hope the midges aren't biting too hard.

  4. Welcome back, sorry to hear about your ailments. Least Scotland has not been as baking as down South. Good luck with the writing.

  5. There are so many good things about this post. You're back! It's hilarious and charming. It's in black and white, which Emma is brilliant at. And now for the bad news. You're not well (I hope it's not too serious). And Emma has writer's block. So let's hurry back to the good news again. I have had it too ever since I finished the last Miss Pringle and Octavia book, so she has my sympathy. The sun is almost out. And I've had Molly to stay for a week and enjoyed innumerable ball games and squeaky kisses.
    Looking forward to hearing from you again soon! James x

  6. Hi Plum...I am Carole's Irish Setter puppy, Birdie. We look for you often and are always so glad to see you here. We're sorry about your ailment, but are betting you and Emma have what it takes to deal with it. What a sweet team you are. xxoo

  7. We are so happy to see you! You have been greatly missed! Even in black and white you both are beautiful. Vicki will be in Scotland next month. We are so sorry to hear about your illness. It does sound like Emma has been taking very good care of you. We will send healing prayers for you and for Emma to have more brilliant ideas pop into her head. Much love, Vicki, Tulip, and Tucker xoxoxoxo

  8. It's so nice to read from you again, we are all so happy!

    We are back from our holiday in Sweden again, it was so great, so much water ... North Sea, Baltic Sea and really very, very many lakes. I like staying in the water too, it's so great!

    Last year I had a pancreatic inflammation and almost died. I had to live long diet and I got the same to eat as you do now. Hopefully, you will be as healthy again as I am.

    Hope to read you again soon.

    xxx Pixel

  9. Sounds very nice lucky you
    Love guy xxx

  10. Big Waggy hello to Plum. We've missed you but I'm sure your patience will pay off when Emma's next masterpiece is published. My patience is being tested by the addition of not one but two babies in the family pulling my hair as well as Bella and Pippa destroying my peace and quiet and toys. Luckily I'm off to Scotland soon to recover. Alf x

  11. PLUMMIE!!! We were given your book, Love Is My Favorite Thing as a gift and found this link. We have sat and read your journal, one entry after another, and we are hooked!!! You now have devoted fans in North Carolina, USA!

  12. Welcome back dear Plum! My boyfriend and I just got back from a month's holiday in the American west. We drove as far as Washington state. During our visit to relations in Reno, Nevada, I told my aunt and my best cousin all about you! They love dogs and books about dogs. I met many lovely dogs during my travels, including my aunt's son's dog, Stryker. He is a wonderful dog and spends three days a week at my aunt's house as his dad is a fireman. He is a lovely cream-coloured retriever. He also has the dreadful habit of unstuffing his toys, but he has never unstuffed his favorite squeaky hedgehog.

  13. Love your blog, even without colour! Enjoy Scotland!

  14. Dear Plum,
    I know why you are standing in the sea all day! You are a very intelligent sort (for a dog) and know that salt water is good for healing cuts etc.
    Also you do it because you can!
    I am glad that you get the best quality dinners that you deserve, my Mum watched a documentary called Pet Fooled on Netflix and ever since then we have been on a raw food diet! My Mum's paycheck now goes to Me and Allegra but of course that's why she works, and I have to say, Allegra and I look Fabulous!!
    Have tons of fun in Scotland and give Emma a lick and a purr for me.

    Gracie and Allegra (and Meaghan from heaven)

    1. Really sorry to hear about Meaghan. I remember the lovely message you sent when Katie died, and I send you my sincere condolences now. James

    2. Also very sorry to hear about Meaghan. My Giorgi is also getting up there (long and happy life that started in Canada... now in Athens). My thoughts are with you. Ellie

  15. My God, you are so sweet!!! Be careful with your health, baby. Me and my little babydog Neguinha, from Brazil, wish you get better soon.
    Kisses and God bless you.

  16. Wonderful piece in today's Times, as ever your drawings are amazing, knew without seeing any words who's drawings they were. Guy is counting days down until Toto is released, and he can't wait to read the book! You continue to inspire. Xx

    1. I would love to read the piece in the Times. Searched online but could not find it. Do you have a link, by any chance?

    2. Sorry sorry Plum to turn this into a chatroom but Ellie, our Times is behind a paywall so the piece won't be available online.

  17. Welcome back, Plum and Emma! We all look forward to more of your adventures this autumn.

    I had a very severe allergic reaction to my new kidney-sensitive diet and really freaked Ellie out. Now I'm back on my delicious naturally hypoallergenic/grain free food. Perhaps it was all part of my master plan....

    Giorgi and Ellie

  18. Hi hope you are both well. Awhile since a blog update!
    Did hear Emma last Saturday on Radio 2
    Well worth a listen
    Plus if I lived anywhere near Aldeburgh I would be hot footing it to the exhibition.
    Best wishes from a Dog and Art lover

  19. I have just bought the second big Plumdog book. You are such a clever dog, Plum and Emma helps a little, too. You should have a look on Instagram at our grand-dogs,Sadie and Colin, who live in New York. I’m sure you would make friends with them if you were ever over there. You and Sadie look a lot alike - maybe she’s a distant relation!

  20. Plum where are you?! We're missing you so much... 😢

  21. Dear Pixel. I’m really really sorry. I just haven’t had enough time lately because Emma has been so busy and I always have to help her. I think she thinks she’s done enough pictures of me for now because they take too long to do and she has to do her other work. There is a new book called Another Year of Plumdog, but you might have seen it all. I hope you are okay and your tummy isn’t playing up. Mine does sometimes but I just get more chicken. Emma puts pictures of me on Instagram sometimes. Are you on there? And twitter?
    Lots of love from Plum xxxxxx

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  24. Hi Plum we miss you so much...
    We hope you and your family are having a beautiful summer.

  25. Dear Plum.. it's been a year since you or your mum have posted and I hope you are all ok. Please post again soon

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