Saturday 21 March 2015



  1. Dear Plum,

    You are becoming more and more cat like, and I approve! Toasting tummy furs in the sun is one of the best occupations there is. I try to do it as often as possible myself. I really thing you should try to learn to purr as well, it really adds to the sense of well being.

    Love, Gracie

    1. Dear Gracie,
      I am trying to learn to purr, as you suggested, but it makes me sneeze. Emma almost took me to the vet, so I've given up now. Perhaps you could tell me your technique.
      Love from

  2. Oh Good Lord! Don't try to purr if it means you get a vet visit!!
    I just get happy, or content, or sleepy and all my good feelings rumble in my tummy and make a happy purry sound; I don't really think about it, it just happens. Maybe you are trying too hard if it makes you sneeze and get a funny feeling in your tummy.
    How does Emma know if you are satisfied with everything if you can't purr?

    Gracie the curious ( I am a cat after all) (don't kill me)

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