Sunday 6 April 2014

Painting Friends


  1. Show them the wallpaper on your website, Plum - they may be inspired to do something similar. PS. Is the huge kangaroo still at large?

  2. Emma may just paint dribs and drabs, but they are good enough to pay for your squeaky toys and treats.
    Also, my older sister Baghira (who went to heaven a couple of years ago) curled up beside my Mum while she was painting the crown moulding and woke up with a painty white squiggle on her side! Poor Baghira went from nice dreams to a bath before she even knew what was happening, and She hadn't even done anything Wrong to deserve such a watery assault on her furs. Better to stay with Emma; and keep an eye on the neighbours cat, I hear she is up to shenanigans.

    Love, Gracie