Friday 10 January 2014

Identity Crisis


  1. Darling Plum,

    Your dad Fritz must have been married many times in the London parks.

    I so relate. I am half cocker, a little poodle and a little bit something else. People often ask what I am and my human always replies that I am unique – a one off!

    She says this makes us both very exclusive and special.

    Love (from one little black dog to another)

    Biff xxxx

    1. Dearest Biff,

      You always make me feel good about myself. I can tell that you are definitely special and I hope I am too. We are special and different.

      Plum xxx

  2. Dear Plum,
    Whoosells must be a popular breed in Suffolk too, as we are always thinking we see you. Perhaps we really will one day. I am part Border Terrier, and part Patterdale Terrier. That might make me a Battertail, but I hope not.
    I don't like the sound of your smart London mice, as even our country ones are smart enough to avoid the traps. Your lot would probably steal them and flog them on eBay.
    love, Katie

    1. Dear Katie
      I think you're right. I'm going to check ebay right now.
      Love Plum

  3. we had a Snack…half Schnauzer half Jack…lovely doggy :)

  4. I already had a name for you - PERFECT PLUM DOG - unique hybrid! Snappy eh? I am writing this under the name of Christopher Bird who is my brother but he is staying with me and his account appears to have taken over my computer and I dont know how to undo it! Lots of love from Andrea and Boy x