Saturday 20 July 2013

Daddy's Girl


  1. Lovely! What fun you must all be just carry on sitting there, Emma and getting it all down for posterity!!

    1. When I'm not wrestling with Plum to get her out of the sea, or dragging her out of the river... it's a lovely thought.

  2. Maybe if you went fishing too, Emma?

  3. Doesnt Daddy tell you off if you go in the lovely water and scare of the fishies?

    Ooh! I just had a thought! Sometimes when we walk on the beach there are lovely rotting dog fishies left behind by the fishermen and I LOVE LOVE LOVE rolling in those! Andrea is very odd, she doesnt appreciate the fine fragrance and gives me a big row! Does Daddy ever leave you a nice rotting fish to roll in Plum?

  4. YES! He does. But there aren't any fish in the river anyway - never mind rotting ones. I do like them but I prefer fresh salmon, when I can get it, which isn't very often because my daddy and Emma are quite mean.