Tuesday 27 November 2012


  1. That is truly tragic, Plum. Dostoevsky could learn from you... x

  2. This is so good I can't bear it! I know what you mean, Plum - it's a hard life sometimes! Your diary is WONDERFUL though, so I hope that is a comfort!

  3. Who ever said it was a dogs life didn't know what they were talking about, did they Plum? I hope Emma felt good and guilty about the oversight and gave you some good treats and love after you posted this heartbreaking story.

    1. I should never have let her put this post out. I'm afraid she is extremely manipulative and has made everyone think she comes from a home where her owner is heartless and cruel. In fact, Plum had a LOT of roast beef- probably, in the end, more than anyone else!