Saturday 15 September 2012


  1. That's lovely. I was wondering where Plum went to when you went to Paris. It's v cheering to see how happy he was., especially because I'm worrying about our little Ben if we go away at half term, and it's putting me off booking a holiday. Timmy has gone to a lovely kennels before. I cried all over them the first time we put him in, but he is so happy when he sees them I feel confident he's OK. But Ben is such a cuddly dog and focused even more on people than Timmy is, that I'm a bit more worried about him, as he's never been away from us.
    Seeing that picture of you crying saying goodbye to a happy Plum reminds me that maybe the separation anxiety is mine, not Ben's!

    1. That is definitely true! Plum is so happy when she goes to stay with her sister, I feel guilty about bringing her home!

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