Wednesday 4 July 2012


  1. I love this blog! So sweet and beautifully illustrated - one of my favourite daily site visits.

    1. Thank you very much for lovely comment. There will be a little delay on the next post as we are going on a train to Scotland tomorrow and I will have to struggle with a strange scanner...

  2. Oh Plum, we are sure that you look lovely!
    Mr. Bongo had to have his paws trimmed the other day because he was starting to look like the Grinch. Daddy says Mr Bongo will also need to have his ears trimmed again soon because he keeps getting his back foot all knotted up again when he's having a scratch and he has to limp into the studio to be untangled.
    I have nice short hair so I don't have to have my hair cut, but Daddy says I need to have a bath soon because my tummy is getting a bit grubby. But I say " That's what happens when you are so small and your tummy is always everso close to the ground!"
    Daddy just purses his lips and says" Hmmm" which I think means " Right you are Coco, silly me!"

    Lots of Love from Coco and Mr. Bongo.

    1. Dear Coco and Mr Bongo, How kind of you to write! I have been reading your daddy's book about Claude going on holiday because I am going on holiday tomorrow to my FAVOURITE place. I will show you some pictures when I get there.
      I wish I could see you there too.
      Love from
      Plum xxxxxxxxxxxxx