Sunday 3 June 2012


  1. Dear Plum, I'm so glad you feel better about your boot. I'm not surprised your sister was jealous! I used to have a blue one. I could have put it on again, we could have given your sister a white boot, put her between us and sailed down the Thames on a raft for the Queen's Jubilee

    I wish I had seen the boats today. I wouldn't have minded getting wet. I got very wet and smelly in the fields anyway, so I'm happy!

    Love from Timmy the Golden retriever x (Ben the spaniel puppy would say 'hello' but he is busy chewing a sun hat. Ben is a bit bonkers too. He has also just ripped up a magazine on the Women's Institute. I don't know why - perhaps he is cross they won't let him join.

    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow too!

  2. Dear Plum,

    What a clever dog you are writing this diary and drawing such wonderful pictures to go with the words! ( I expect Emma helped you a bit with the colours..)

    Our owner Alex T. Smith laughed like a lunatic at the bit about your new friend being bonkers. He says we are bonkers too, but I don't think we are. Yes, we like running about the house like greyhounds around a track until we fall over, and YES, we do like tipping over the paper recycling box Alex keeps in his studio and nibbling the contents into pieces and throwing it around the house like it's confetti... but that's normal doggy behaviour isn't it? I don't know why this sort of thing causes Alex to stand with his hands on his hips and look at the ceiling and sigh LOUDLY, do you?

    I sometimes think Alex doesn't understand us at all, but then he gives us a nice biscuit and tickles our tums and it's all ok again!

    Anyway, keep up the lovely diary. We love it and so does Alex.

    Lots of love from your (very, very tiny) friends
    Coco and Billy Bongo the Chihuahuas.

    P.A's to Alex T. Smith for when he is doing his Colouring In.

    P.s We think you look very smart in your red boot!

  3. Brora here. Loved coming to play, even if I was a little manic. Thought you captured the parents and girls perfectly. Father was a bit put out about lack of hair but he really ought to accept reality. Looking forward to seeing you soon for more riotous ructions.


    Brora dog (the bonkers one)

  4. I'm so pleased I was sent the link to Plum's blog. The illustrations are superb, I'm going to like it here! :)