Friday, 31 July 2015

Low Expectations


  1. Dear Plum,
    Please don't think us unappreciative of the extra pictures last week. If they really were for us then thank you, we are flattered. Anyway the book does deserve all the publicity it gets. We love everything: the exploding cushion and the spooky night, but best of all perhaps you looking out of the bay window watching (presumably) for them to come home. (When you're old like me you don't do that any more, but just glare at them when they arrive for waking you up.) We wish you every success and the continuing love of all your friends including James and Katie x

  2. Dear Plumsicle,

    I am so sorry to hear that winter has come early to your neighbourhood! I would be happy to send you a big box of heat and sunshine, but my Mum claims that it wouldn't ship very well. Too bad, it was 35º C here on Thursday (40º C with the humidex).
    It is just as well that you have that rather fetching coat and boots combo, it sounds like you need to bundle up. How very insulting to have a frozen nose, and frozen toes in July and August though; Mother Nature has some explaining to do!
    I am going to go lie in the sun and toast my tummy furs now; I will be thinking of you as I doze, and wishing you warm thoughts.

    Love, Gracie

  3. Dear Plum
    I'm sorry you have deserted those of us destined to remain with the perpetually frozen nose up here in Scotland, but I will begin a collection of the smelliest oyster shells and the crunchiest pine cones for you for when you come back next year. I'll hide them somewhere really safe- my mum has a special drawer where she keeps the nice clean stuff for our bed so they will be happy there.
    My mum has just finished reading me your new book. You are so clever Plum. You are really good at explaining the difference between the things that the grown ups think they've said and what it sounds like by the time it gets to our ears......sometimes I think they will just never understand us.
    However, what I really didn't understand was why, after all that clever and talented escaping and running and finding your own way home, you sat on the doorstep NOT eating the ice cream and letting it melt away to waste! I think you are in danger of breaching the code there - at least a subtle biscuit theft may be necessary to restore your reputation.

    Yours in sisterhood, Fudge xx
    (And congratulations again - your Booker nomination must be in the post....x)