Friday, 5 June 2015



  1. Dear Plum,

    I have missed talking to you these past few weeks!! My Mum has had a huge project, and hasn't been taking dictation so that I could write to my friends. I wish I was with you having great adventures; It has been a snore fest around here with nobody paying me the attention I deserve! Have fun swimming in the ocean, it looks lovely.

    Love, Gracie

    1. Dear Gracie,
      We are so happy that you managed to persuade your mom to type a message. It's hopeless when they get so busy. We've missed you. I wish you were here too. Even though you are a pussycat. You are a special exceptional one with empathy and discerning.
      Love from Plum xx

  2. For us, happiness is when there is a new Plum picture. James and Katie x