Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Spirit


  1. Dear Plum,
    We had a good time too. James went to his sister's house for lunch, while I stayed at home (because I don't really get on with dachshunds) and slept undisturbed for five hours. Bliss!
    I have a confession to make. We now have a picture of you on the wall. Back in October James's kind niece casually asked which his favourite picture was from your book, and then kindly but probably illegallyand extremely naughtily had a framed print made for him for Christmas. Please forgive us, but it does make us smile every time we see it.
    love, Katie x

  2. Dear Emma and Plum,
    Best wishes for a wonderful New Year! Thank you for all the lovely pictures and posts. I can always count on you to bring a smile to my face and a happy moment to my mind! Xoxo, Vicki