Sunday, 11 May 2014

Me Again


  1. Dear Plum,
    I hope you aren't being to bouncy and wearing Emma out! At this time you should be kind and gentle; and even let her take as much of the bed space as she wants since she is still recuperating from her surgery.
    When my Mum had Major Surgery a couple of years ago I even slept at the foot of the bed for a week! (N.B. It was only three days, Gracie has a cats concept of time) I also made sure I smelled of warm kitten fur and purrs. I think frogspawn is probably not the way to go if you are going to cuddle up with Emma to make her feel better.
    My Auntie Kathy washes her German Shorthair Pointer (Floyd) and Large Dog Of Dubious Parentage (Kelsey) in lavender shampoo; My Uncle Mike grumbles that his big boy smells like an old lady. Maybe I could ask Auntie Kathy to send you some lavender shampoo so that you will smell nice too.
    I am glad you are back to writing; I thought you are my only sophisticated European dog friend.

    Love, Gracie

    Love Gracie

    1. Dear Gracie, Sorry I've been so slow. It's not really me that's slow - it's Emma. But I think she's speeding up again now. Thank you for telling me about the lavender shampoo. We have some called Fox Poo. I thought it sounded quite promising but it's for getting fox poo OFF - not putting it on. So I was extremely disappointed.
      I'm glad you think I'm sophisticated. I have been trying to be more so, recently. Love from Plum

    2. Plum, I am going to have to re-think the whole sophisticated thing if you WANT to wear fox poo!

  2. Great job on your blog drawing, Plum! I hope Emma is mending well.

  3. Dear Plum,
    Would that be Aldeburgh by any chance? I'll run a bit further along my favourite ditch this afternoon and perhaps we might bump into each other. We will all miss your brilliant drawings - solo Bach to Emma's Elgar symphonies, James says, but he gets a bit affected like that. love, Katie

  4. Your drawings are getting a lot better, Plum. Emma had better watch out.